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Chocolate this kind of snacks is each girl love most, the mouthfeel that basically is chocolate follows taste very good, but chocolate eats too much be to be able to become fat, because the contain quantity of heat of chocolate is taller,basically be, so female friend should want to eat chocolate less. Chocolate also is one kind is compared hard digestive food, because chocolate contains some material to may stimulate intestines and stomach, cause the symptom such as disease of gastric esophagus countercurrent.

Chocolate is good digest

The most indigestible food

1. deepfry food

The fry that resembles and so on of fried chicken piece, chips is inevitable it is rich oiliness fat and tall adipose, and accumulation of these two kinds of material can cause a disease in the stomach. Grease can produce a kind to cry below high temperature ” acrylic ” material, this kind of material is very indigestible. Dietetics home says, if you had contracted the disease of the respect such as gastroenteritis, should notice to eat the deepfry food of much oil, greasily less especially so, can cause a few unwell symptoms otherwise, for instance queasy, diarrhoea.

2. hot food

Chili can stimulate the wall of esophagus, the meeting after eating is gutty rebarbative aching, and increase gastric burden. Although you want to add oil of a few yoghurt to make it becomes cool, you still can obtain same stimulation. And, the thing that adds sour cream and so on can suffer other secondary action instead.

3. chocolate

Many edible chocolate not only can bring redundant quantity of heat, and the person that suffers disease of gastric esophagus countercurrent to torment, had experienced the afflictive stimulation that brings after edible chocolate. Because chocolate can cause the relaxation of next esophagus constrictor,this is, make circumfluence of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, stimulation is fed1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Path and pharynx ministry.

Chocolate is good digest

Orange juice of 4. mandarin orange

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Exciting, exciting place can become red. If you rise in the morning hind, the first thing drinks juice of orange of below one dock-glass namely, can raise gastric intestinal acidity. If right now you are drunk, is those who contain high concentration fructose is sweet lemonade, that should notice more, because absorb,the candy of excessive can cause diarrhoea.

5. potato mud

It is the low quantity of heat, high protein, provision that contains a variety of vitamins and microelement tomato patch, the food reducing weight of the ideal that be called. It seems that nothing compares mud of a bowl of potato more suffer people gay. Why should be this mentioned namely so called ” convenient food ” when, potato mud always is labelled the reason of head of a list of names posted up. But add the potato cover or daub with plaster that has butter or cheese to be done not have so in the imagination so good. Be in the United States, 50 million lactose of 3000 ~ is not able to bear or endure the person that get, Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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But if you also are such person, do not suit to enjoy butyric potato mashed vegetable or fruit. Because,this is, the milk that adds in potato mud, butter or cheese, the stomach that can let you is very afflictive.

6. is unripe onion

A variety of nutrition elements were full of inside onion, garlic, leek, they have profit greatly to health, protect a heart for instance, but they also can bring about intestines and stomach unwell, bilge for instance gas, cramp. But the action that can make cause mixture of nutrition of unwell of intestines and stomach not to rise bad it seems that through cooking.

Chocolate is good digest

7. ice cream

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Swift method can determine you are lactose is not able to bear or endure suffer, wait for you to sit to eat a bowl big ice cream ability to know only. When you abdominal distension, cramp, bilge when gas, the reaction of these bodies tells you to want to be far from these food that contain a lot ofdairy produce namely. The food of raw or cold food such as cold like ice cream, ice-lolly, ice beverage if overfeeding, with respect to the normal movement that can affect function of intestines and stomach, create food very indigestible, injure taste easily. When eating although delicate and boundless, but later can bring about appetite to drop however, also can stimulate taste, form the vicious circle of abdominal distension, bellyacke.

8. on the west orchid and cabbage

Orchid and cabbage are on the west ” 10 child beautiful division ” the person above average in vegetable, not only contain a lot ofa large number of vitamins and prandial fiber, still have prevent the cancer, effect that combats consenescence. But although contain a lot ofprandial fine peace keeping a variety of nutriment, these vegetable also cannot believe be health completely. Because tall fibrous vegetable can be helped,maintain big your gastric capacity, bring about the redundant gas inside intestines and stomach easily to accumulate.

9. legume

Legume is in cause dyspeptic respect it may be said arrant. What legume place contains is low get together candy is like water revive candy and melitose, be fermented by alvine path bacterium, can decompose generation a few gas, cause belch, bowel to cry then, the symptom such as abdominal distension, bellyacke. Patient of serious digestibility ulcer does not want edible bean products, because bean products is medium purine content is high, have effect of excretive of stimulative gastric juice. Acute gastritis and patient of the chronic shallow gastritis that express a gender also do not want edible bean products, lest stimulate hydrochloric acid in gastric juice,be secreted and cause gastric bowel to bilge gas.

10. corn

A kind of fiber that contains in corn is cannot by human body digestive, if do not have to nibble slow pharynx, probable meeting brings about abdominal ache.

Tea and 11. coffee, soft drinks

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Carbonic acid beverage can bring about esophagus constrictor not only flabby, cause diarrhoea and cramp possibly still. The beverage that contains coffeine returns esophagus of can aggravating stomach to return the symptom of patient drifting disease. If heartburn of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, should avoid mint tea as far as possible.

12. alcohol

Alcohol besides can make the body is loosened, still can bring about esophagus constrictor flabby, bring about heartburn of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice then. In addition, drink to cause loss of gastric mucous membrane possibly still, weaken certain enzymatic action, prevent nutrient material to if gastric bowel,absorb; erosion, alcohol still can stimulate enteron. Alcohol is absorbed overmuch, still can cause diarrhoea and cramp.

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