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Article introduction

Each food has the nutrient value that attributes his, everybody should have proper understanding and idea to cate, the congee of pumpkin lotus seed that drinks via regular meeting for instance, light is pumpkin can nutrition, can put a few lotus seed inside so, but the part among lotus seed is very hard, need the take out after be being broken, avoid to be able to affect the mouthfeel of whole congee, had better be to prepare a few rice or coarseLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
Rice, such meetings let congee have nutrition more.

 Practice of congee of pumpkin lotus seed and action

Raw material:

Pumpkin, dry lotus seed, rice, unpolished rice;


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1, rice and unpolished rice shift to an earlier date abluent; 2, dry lotus seed shifts to an earlier date bubble of 4 hours above leaves; 3, Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Pumpkin is washed clean, cut small;

4, rice and unpolished rice are joined to boil 20 minutes first inside arenaceous boiler, join pumpkin next; 5, join lotus seed, lid of the boiler on the lid boils 20 minutes can ~

Small stick person: Pumpkin is OK take out skin, but I am preferred take a skin, boil boil soft.

 Practice of congee of pumpkin lotus seed and action

Salmon of evaporate of golden melon lotus seed


Salmon 200 grams lotus seed 30 grams pumpkin half garlic are white soy of manna of wine of temper by dipping in water of a few of 5 grams caraway 2 spoon flavour drenchs 1 spoon


Golden melon is cut go partly seed, garlic cuts end in vain, the part that caraway takes a few stalk cuts end to reserve

Salmon stripping and slicing, join caraway end and garlic white powder to still have lotus seed

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Shanghai Long Feng forum
Tasty drenchs

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

After joining temper by dipping in water to brew soy to show then, catch let feed capable person equably tasty

Put into electric boiler, a dish is filled up to receive soup juice below, outer pot adds 2 cups of water () of the cup that measure rice, electric boiler start will cover tightly 10 minutes 

 Practice of congee of pumpkin lotus seed and action

A thick soup of lotus seed of ear of sweet melon snow


Hami melon one chunk, xue Er a big, lotus seed is right amount, boreal Qi, dangshen, red jujube is right amount, 1-2 of candied date or jujube, medlar a few, rock candy right amount


1, outside will dividing Hami melon, rock candy, candied date or jujube feed capable person, the bath that use Qing Dynasty immerses completely soft reserve;

2, outside will dividing Hami melon feed material to be put right amount clear water is joined to boil in Bao to the state that has slippery glue, rejoin Hami melon piece with rock candy, boil a bit to candy dissolve can.

Lotus seed congee


Material round polished glutinous rice 1 cup, lotus seed 150 grams flavoring water 8 cups, rock candy 112 overcome


1, round polished glutinous rice is abluent, add water 8 cups immerse 20 minutes, move to be boiled to ingle, make down fire cooks grain of rice ripe soft.

2, lotus seed is abluent, put boil together inside congee, join rock candy to flavor, wait for rock candy to melt can flameout fills an edible.

1, fresh lotus seed is sweeter, and boil very easily sodden, but have seasonal; Time of cold storage of dry lotus seed is longer, do not accept seasonal restriction, buy very easily.

2, if use dry lotus seed, bubble crosses water to be boiled not easily insteadLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
Sodden, so abluent and direct join can.

Eat curative effect increase

Solid essence is angry, filling water repose, stop to go yearningly hot

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