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Cake is a kind of sweetmeats that learns easily simply, accordingly many people like him to start work in the home the cake that make, because cake does not need,use oven to be able to be made. And when making cake, they meet professional cake division use low muscle flour, because make a cake that come so,just meet more loose. But what choose commonly when cake is made in the home is wheaten flour, can so wheaten flour make cake?

Can wheaten flour make cake

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Muscle flour or medium starch of corn of muscle flour rejoin also is OK make cake

Weak strength flour makes up a method: Can press with common flour and jade rice starch 4: The scale of 1 is harmonic. If think lower muscle, it is OK also to add the rice starch that nod jade again. When making sponge cake and snack can so lane.

Can wheaten flour make cake

Attention: But the flour that you do dumpling at ordinary times passes what common flour has fermented, must not note those who be called ” of ” dumpling pink to make cake with the sort of bag mount in the supermarket, because the sort of flour gluten is very much.

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It is low muscle flour of course, the word of tall muscle it can indicate and the price is different!

Can wheaten flour make cake

What protein contains in the classification of tall strength flour, weak strength flour and flour more or less to concern. Content of protein of tall strength flour is in 10% above, 6.5~8.5% of protein of weak strength flour.

Stand by Mai Li cortical protein content is more than approaching center, content of horniness wheat protein is high, use at producing; of tall strength flour commonly soft qualitative wheat is used at production weak strength flour

Wheat flour is to be able to use those who make cake, and wheat flour or low muscle flour.

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