[the food that American ginseng photograph digests] _ of _ food contraindication cannot eat – together

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American ginseng is very familiar to a lot of people, it is the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine goes up with medicine a commonner kind of rare medicinal material, have the effect of nourishing body clear fire, and the effect that American ginseng still can have to prevent body disease, first-rate to the body, OK still be good at lienal raise a stomach, and American ginseng also has the food that digests, usually American ginseng can not match with the turnip, alsoShanghai night net

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Cannot drink coffee collocation of strong perhaps tea is used, affect the medical effect of American ginseng easily.

 The food that American ginseng photograph digests

What does the food that American ginseng photograph digests have?

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks American ginseng sex is cold, gan Wei suffers from flavour, enter lung, lienal classics, have filling gas to raise fire of shade, have diarrhoea to divide the irritated, function that raises a stomach to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, apply to gas deficiency of yin with irritability and have igneous disease, multi-purpose at lung hot dry coughs, gas layer idle talk, limb hurts deficit of shade body fluid to wait after listless, be agitated is irritable, pyretic. Cold, diarrhoea, stomach has cold to Wei, limb cold wet, lienal deficiency of yang the constitution of deficiency of yang such as chaotic of be bored with of weak, coating on the tongue person,

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American ginseng cannot eat together with what

American ginseng cannot eat together with what:

American ginseng cannot eat together with the turnip: American ginseng is filling gas, and turnip of as it happens is disappointing, both as it happens is contradictory, will tell from the angle of dietetics, cannot eat, and two kinds are the same as eat, cause allergic reaction easily.

 The food that American ginseng photograph digests

American ginseng cannot eat together with tea: More tannic acid is contained in tea, and tannic acid can destroy the nutrient component in American ginseng, so, during taking American ginseng, do not drink tea, can cause American ginseng to bilk otherwise.

American ginseng cannot feed together with coffee: Coffee also can have certain effect to the effect of American ginseng.

In the meantime, american ginseng also cannot be mixed black false bellebore, 5 clever fat are used together.

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, american ginseng belongs to antipyretic, appropriate filling gas raises shade. If coughForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Have phlegmy, saliva much or when having the state such as oedema, should avoid to take American ginseng, can accentuate otherwise illness. Additional, “Blame empty does not fill ” . If the body is not had unwell, unfavorable classics mufti uses American ginseng lozenge.

We are the normally commonnest is American ginseng piece, small make up often buy to father a few, because this is the most convenient, in be being contained in the mouth can. But also must notice not to want excessive to take American ginseng, excessive is worry of meeting occurrence excitement, be agitated, insomnia, crackbrained these symptoms, small what is writing the account that not be clear about is the body still, last year one of these day drank dot American ginseng middayLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Piece bubble water, but mood of a day is irritated irritated, perhaps be1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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I am catching a cold recently at that time, incommensurate take American ginseng, also ask everybody to notice, first a few taking, if all without exception is random, again right amount take. Although be cordial, but also cannot eat in disorder.

These two kinds of alimental make American ginseng and carrot want only with effect attribute is after putting contrast together, OK easily discovering these two kinds of food is to be opposite without giving thought to the action of human body and effect respect, returning the attribute that is other edibles itself to agree is to regard photograph gram as antipathic, american ginseng belongs to filling gas, carrot is to belong to fall angry; and in another respect, carrot still has influential human body of other function system run, after eating a turnip for example, the urology that still can affect human body is run, and also be to be able to remove what recuperate to a not small adjustment to make to intestines and stomachForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Use and effect, after producing effect of this kind of effect, the number that can cause the toilet on everybody thereby and the frequency look that need at ordinary times are compared, apparent show is grow in quantity, the word that comes so can bring about American ginseng still do not have those who pass human body to absorb to the nourishing action of human body itself, having goinging up toilet when was dropped by prediction of a person’s luck in a given year together.

 The food that American ginseng photograph digests

Can see from this so, carrot can not eat after eating American ginseng, these two kinds of food are unfavorable at the same time of edible. Edible mixes in the choice moment of some a few kinds of alimental, if did not go knowing true course,action of a food, effect still has the contrast of attribute, the likelihood can appear a lot of pairs healthy the damage problem that creates different level, perhaps say the action of some kind of food that place of short of oneself needs, effect, suggest so everybody even if while life quality of the society is at present better and better, also be because be reached cursorily,appear above the food that should not mix edible one case in the choice crackbrained appear not to understand the thing, confuse used issue casually, once the action of principle of all alimental medicaments is different, it is unfavorable so mix those who take.

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