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Coffee is one of 3 big beverage of world, enough sees it has how old force. The effect with the mainest coffee is the nerve that can stimulate us, achieve improvement the mood and life-giving effect. And the sort of coffee is very much, different taste can satisfy different crowd. Just fromShanghai Long Feng forum

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For the angle of healthy diet, coffee and certain food also cannot together edible. Does check come below what food cannot be fed together with coffee?

With what cannot be coffee fed together?

Coffee cannot eat together with what:

Coffee and algal, tea, black agaric, red wine is fed together can lower human body to iron absorb.

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Big. Some alcohol are contained in wine, have excited effect, and coffee place contains coffeine, have more powerful excited effect likewise. Both with drink, the stimulation that arises to the person is very big. If be to be in mood insecurity or it is mood be agitated when so drinkable, if can aggravating insecurity and; of be agitated mood have nerve sex headachy person is so drinkable, if suffer from,can cause ailment; instantly regular the person of insomnious disease, can make an illness exasperate if; is the heart has a problem, or it is to have clonic the person of tachycardia, be the same as coffee and wine drink, its consequence is more badNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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, cause probablyShanghai Long Feng forum

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Heart disease. Once both at the same time drinkable, should drinkable and many clear water or be a few dextrose and salt are joined to drink in water below, can alleviate unwell symptom.

With what cannot be coffee fed together?

The drinkable contraindication of coffee

1. is sure to keep in mind coffee to should not be take together with tea. The tannic acid in tea and coffee can make the absorption of iron decreases 75% . Appropriate sends with warm boiled water take;

The tannin in 2. tea and coffee, can let calcium absorb reduce. So, drink tea and the time that drink coffee, had better be to choose between two eat;

3. contains the beverage of coffeine and provision, by after pregnant woman is many and drinkable, can appear disgusting, vomiting, have a headache, the heartbeat is accelerated wait for a symptom. Coffeine still can enter fetal system through placenta inside, affect fetal development;

Many Doctor 4. doctors think, pregnant woman drinks 1~2 cup everyday (ounce of every cups of 6~8) coffee, tea or carbonic acid kind beverage, won’t right fetal cause an effect. But for discreet for the purpose of, pregnant woman had better be banned with. Coffeine can bring about abortive rate to rise, should drink the beverage; that does not contain coffeine so

With what cannot be coffee fed together?

5. thinks the person that reduce weight does not want much drink coffee. More grandma is contained in common coffee spouse kind, carbohydrate and adipose, coffee itself may stimulate gastric juice to secrete, promotional food is digested and absorb, not only cannot thin waist, still can make; of person put on weight

A-certificate drinks 6. coffee. Coffeine is OK and excited children center godForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Classics system, jam the memory of children, cause children to move disease; more

The 7. strong tea, coffee, beverage that contains carbonate also is the critical factor; that forms enteron ulcer disease

Chaos is increased when 8. insecurity

Coffeine conduces to increase alertness, sensitivity, memory and concentrated force. But drinkable the coffee that is used to drinkable quantity usually than you more than, can produce similar edible a shot in the arm of same dose, can cause neurosis. maladjusted to tendency angst person, coffeine can bring about control to sweat, palpitation, tinnitus these symptoms are more exasperate.

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