” furnace stone is fabulous ” data piece antediluvian divine murmur was raided on April 27 in the round

Before dawn government announced eventually today ” furnace stone is fabulous (Hearthstone) ” antediluvian magical murmur (data of Whispers Of The Old Gods) piece on line time, new on April 27 material piece will comprehensive open.

Who be muddy height became full sticky slippery antenna, many eyeball, return plan to be worn does furnace stone inn come a big surprise? It is antediluvian of course god! Their true good infer sees you, let you experience incidentally already the new edition that horror stimulates again ” furnace stone is fabulous (Hearthstone) ” antediluvian magical murmur (data of Whispers Of The Old Gods) piece!

Antediluvian magical murmur brings total cards of 134 Zhang Quanxin card, assure to be able to let you have a brand-new experience. It is game or inn no matter, everything becomes so different. Antediluvian god is the live thing that has unapproachable horrible power, they want to make everybody clear want to put down all trouble only, life is met more wonderful! There is some of familiar face to had been hit with antediluvian god in inn hand in, and more fiercer than before!

Antediluvian magical murmur will be in Chinese area to go up formally on April 27 at Beijing time line. Antediluvian magical murmur card bag adds up to activity of market purchase in advance to also can last to go up formally till new content till the line, the player that wants privilege to be bought so that bag of 50 packets of card adds up to collect and back of card of theme exceeding cruel must not be missed oh. It is OK also that the card package that buys before closes market open after antediluvian magical murmur is released formally.

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